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Living, Studying and Traveling in South East Asia

In September 2019, I moved to Malaysia to study for a master's degree in Media, Communications and Culture at the University of Nottingham. While my main goal was to increase my critical understanding and knowledge of media, communication and culture, I also wanted to improve my photography and videography skills by exploring the world. In addition to Malaysia, I therefore traveled around in Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Thailand whilst capturing the life of each country. Overall, this has made me a much more experienced visual communicator. Although the experience was cut short due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I attained a cultural, professional and personal development unparalleled by living, studying and traveling in South East Asia.

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Small waterfall. Young woman sitting next to a waterfall. Small waterfall. Sunrise over a landscape. Sunrise over a landscape. A limestone island in Vietnam. Young woman smiling on a bridge. Young woman smiling in nature. Young woman smiling on a bridge. Cabins standing on water. Colourful stairs Hands resting on a piece of wood. A face in a temple structure. Temple ruins. Bridge to a temple. Young woman sitting on a rock. Sunrise over a landscape. Young woman sitting on a rock.