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For my bachelor thesis, studying digital concept development, I chose to examine how to improve the sale of Nova — Canon Denmark’s expense management system.

Bachelor Thesis

Based on hypotheses that proposed that Canon’s brand and business structure had an overall negative influence on the sale of Nova, I conducted an extensive brand analysis, multiple stakeholder and expert interviews, a survey, various other analyses and a lot of desk research. It turned out that Canon’s brand had an overall positive influence on the sale of Nova and that Nova was a competitive product with unique features. The analyses further revealed that Nova had a low priority amongst Canon’s large portfolio of products and thus Nova had not been marketed yet. To solve Nova’s lack of sales, I created a digital strategy that included videos, illustrations, animations, a landing page, ads, webinars, employee advocacy, social media, SEO and more.


The foundation of the strategy revolves around creating a new visual identity for Nova. To give Nova its own life whilst still being a part of Canon’s brand. With Canon’s visual guidelines in mind, I created a visual universe from which I produced Nova’s new material from. This included an animation that explains Nova, what problem it solves and its overall value proposition. A short, precise and easily digested message that communicates a simple solution to a complex issue.

At the oral defence, I was rewarded with the grade 12 — the highest grade possible.


Canon Denmark