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The Streaming Bundle Set-Up Featuring Zironic

As part of the promotional campaign for the Streaming Bundle, which comprises the H6PRO Open Gaming Headset and B20 Streaming Microphone, I created a video featuring Zironic, a streamer, content creator, and EPOS brand ambassador. The objective was to showcase the bundle as an ideal plug-and-play solution for streamers while providing informative and engaging content beyond just highlighting the product features.

Collaborating with project stakeholders, I oversaw the entire production process. This involved building a custom set with an acoustic panel wall as the backdrop, handling equipment rental, and managing cameras, lighting, and microphones. Though we encountered a few challenges due to limited resources and a tight deadline, I adeptly resolved these issues during the editing process. This included cleaning up and extending the backdrop, removing dust and scratches from the table, and eliminating unwanted wires. The result was a polished, premium aesthetic that perfectly aligned with EPOS' premium brand. Once the main video was approved, I divided it into shorter segments tailored for social media shorts and stories. Both landscape and portrait versions were created, and subtitles were added in English and Chinese for broader accessibility.

The final videos garnered praise from the stakeholders and was seen as a perfect blend between Zironic's distinctive style and personality and EPOS' premium and trustworthy brand. The videos were strategically featured on EPOS' website and across its social media gaming channels, effectively promoting the Streaming Bundle to the target audience.




The B20 Streaming Microhphone. A play button. Click here to play the “Trimmed Down Streaming Bundle Set-Up Featuring Zironic” video.

An example of a trimmed down version made for social media shorts and stories.