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Corporate Videos

To promote EPOS and its solutions online, I have produced several videos featuring subjects from EPOS’ top-level management, such as the President of EPOS and the Vice President of Global Marketing, speaking about solutions, events, or similar topics. For each video, I was responsible for finding an appropriate location and for setting up and controlling the cameras, lights, and microphone. Given their top-level management position, each subject had a very busy schedule which meant that every recording had to be completed within a maximum of 30 minutes – including both a-roll and b-roll. To compensate for the limited recording time, I made sure that everything was set up perfectly and the subject could therefore simply drop by, speak to the camera, and leave again without any further hassle. EPOS was very satisfied with my speed and efficiency in setting up, recording, and editing the videos which were used on their social media channels.




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Invitation to ISE 2023.