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Corporate Videos

To promote EPOS and its cutting-edge solutions, I have produced several videos featuring key figures from EPOS' top-level management, including the President and Vice President of Global Marketing speaking about solutions, event highlights and related topics. My role in this process encompassed the end-to-end responsibility, from conceptualization to execution, ensuring a seamless and professional outcome. I took charge of identifying suitable locations and arranged and managed the setup of cameras, lighting, and audio equipment.

A notable challenge was the time constraints imposed by the busy schedules of the top-level management. To accommodate their commitments, each recording had to be completed within a 30-minute timeframe, encompassing both a-roll and b-roll footage. To address this, I ensured that everything was prepared before their arrival which resulted in a swift recording process that met their time constraints without compromising the quality of the videos.

EPOS expressed great satisfaction with my speed and efficiency in setting up, recording, and editing the videos which were seamlessly integrated into their social media channels.




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Invitation to ISE 2023.