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Digitizing a More Sustainable World

For six months, I functioned as a social media manager for the digital magazine Pioner. Pioner is a voluntary organisation that focuses on sustainable solutions. Its goal is to inspire its readers to act.

Social Media

When I began as their social media manager, Pioner had not been active on any social media platforms for over a month. It was therefore my job to revive the platforms and keep them active running purely on organic content. I created an upload schedule which focused on Facebook and Instagram — Pioner’s most successful social media platforms. Through the schedule, I managed to produce content for a total of six posts a week across the two channels.

Video Production

As the various posts mainly consisted of news regarding the environment, I felt Pioner was lacking in terms of more tangible solutions. I therefore created a weekly animated video called Ugens Grønne Tip (The Green Tip of the Week) which consisted of a tangible solution. Pioner’s target group easily could implement. I furthermore created a Facebook cover video to visualise the heart of the organisation in a brief and professional manner.




Facebook page with a video playing. Click on it to play a Liberal Alliance video.
Ugens Grønne Tip (The Green Tip of the Week).