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Showcasing the Life of Gymnastics

For my final thesis, studying multimedia design and communication, my group and I collaborated with LG-Gymnastik, a gymnastic organisation, creating a promotional and visual campaign on social media. We wanted to showcase the life and energy of LG-Gymnastik — as opposed to reading about it on their website which was the only current way to experience the organisation.

Preliminary Analyses

After planning out the project, we performed a number of analyses to better understand LG, its competitors and the market overall. Once we had sufficient knowledge of the subjects, we were able to start producing content.

Video Production

We created a series of videos highlighting various aspects of LG-Gymnastik and its core values: learning, energy and happiness. These videos covered specific genres of gymnastics, their best teams and the organisation itself. We recorded all the footage at practices and events and ended up creating three versions of each video — a version for each social media.

Social Media Optimization

We performed thorough analyses of each social media used by LG-Gymnastik (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube) to better tailor each video to the respective social medium’s algorithms and users. A YouTube video posted on Facebook won’t stand a chance next to a video specifically optimised for Facebook. We furthermore created visual content and optimised the social media platforms’ SEO.

At the oral exam, I was rewarded with the grade 12 — the highest grade possible.