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Sebastian Frederik Holleufer

Visual Communication | Design • Photo • Video

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Hello there! I’m Sebastian and I have a burning passion for visual communication. I'm a multimedia designer and digital concept developer with a MA in Media, Communications and Culture and solid competences within the world of marketing and communication. I love to create. Whether this involves videography, photography or digital design, I’m there. I am an experienced user of the majority of Adobe’s Creative Cloud applications, particularly After Effects, Photoshop and Premiere Pro, and I have vast experience with video production, content creation and social media. As a person, I am highly structured with a drive to succeed and I’m a perfectionist by heart.

About Me

  • My last name, Holleufer, is pronounced 'hʌlʌjfə. It's German.
  • I focus on living a healthy life — currently trying to eat exclusively plant-based!
  • My favourite place in the world is Pangkor Laut in Malaysia.
  • Huge fan of propeller hats. Did you know they were invented in 1947?
  • I love exercising. My PR on a 5K is 16:09.
  • I have been soda free for 1816 days and counting.
  • When I was 16, I spent a year abroad in California.

Professional Experience

Video Editor at EPOS

  • Developing and editing brand films.
  • Creating motion graphics.
  • Developing SoMe and web content.
  • Ensuring brand consistency and corporate visual identity alignment.

Freelance Videographer at

  • Planning, recording, editing and publishing videos for a political organisation.
  • Producing static imagery for digital marketing.
  • Consultancy service regarding branding and cross channel marketing.

Marketing Intern at Canon Denmark

  • Producing how-to animations explaining Canon's software solutions.
  • Co-maintaining Canon Danmark’s Facebook and LinkedIn pages.
  • National and international B2C and B2B marketing planning and execution.
  • Planning, preparing and executing internal and external events.
  • Photographic documentation of internal and external events.

Student Assistant at Canon Denmark

  • Producing tutorial videos explaining Canon's internal processes and tools.
  • Producing event, recruitment, product and tutorial videos and how-to animations.
  • Editing, translating and subtitling international Canon videos.
  • Designing banners, roll-ups and ads for internal and external use.
  • Livestreaming on Facebook and Instagram at events – e.g. the launch of the Canon EOS RP.

Multimedia Designer Intern at Mennesker og Job

  • Recording, editing and publishing video interviews with the company’s employees.
  • Designing and developing a new website, built as a tailored custom Wordpress theme.
  • Search engine optimising the company website.
  • Refining the company design manual and brand.
  • Producing thorough social media strategies and guides for SEO.
  • Photographic documentation of events, meetings and more.

Volunteer Experience

Social Media Manager at Pioner

  • Responsible for creating a social media content plan, focusing exclusively on organic content.
  • Updating and maintaining the official Facebook and Instagram. This includes a total of six posts per week.
  • Creating weekly animated videos to visualise tangible solutions for a more sustainable everyday life.
  • Researching and sharing the latest news and updates about sustainability and the environment.

Multimedia Designer at TimeWinder

  • Producing videos for social media, e.g. a Facebook Christmas calendar consisting of 24 videos, a drone video of TimeWinder’s location and a commercial which ran in the S-trains for two weeks in 2016.
  • Producing imagery and video material for social media, posters, banners and web.
  • Designing TimerWinder's newspaper and its logo, typography and overall layout.
  • Responsible for other volunteers and their contribution to the newspaper.
  • Updating and maintaining Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.


Master of Arts with distinction in Media, Communications and Culture at University of Nottingham, Malaysia

  • I chose to study abroad to challenge myself, experience the world, learn new cultures and perspectives. This gave me a more sophisticated and nuanced worldview.
  • The course provided me with in-depth knowledge of media and communication. I gained specialised knowledge of how media create and shape political, economic and cultural discourses in society and how their power has evolved from traditional media to new media.
  • My master's thesis investigated the dangers of manipulated images and videos in the contemporary fake news media environment by testing and interviewing numerous young Danes. The thesis was rewarded with the grade 75 — distinction level.

Bachelor of Arts in Digital Concept Development at Copenhagen School of Design and Technology

  • I learned how to develop and implement communication and design concepts and digital solutions for companies based on business models and creative idea development.
  • The course taught me how to study and analyse user behaviour and it provided me with knowledge regarding technology education, communication, project management, marketing and digital business.
  • My bachelor thesis was completed in cooperation with Canon Denmark. Based on analyses of e.g. the market, competition and Canon's brand, I created a new visual identity for a Canon product alongside videos, animations and a digital marketing campaign. Canon Denmark implemented the products in their marketing, and I was rewarded with the grade 12 at the oral exam — the highest grade possible.

Academic Profession Degree in Multimedia Design and Communication at Copenhagen Business Academy

  • The course equipped me with knowledge, skills and competencies within design and development, user experience, content production for digital media, technology and business.
  • I learned to plan, develop and execute information dissemination using the newest multimedia tools with a special focus on video and animation.
  • My final thesis was produced in collaboration with LG-Gymnastik in which I created a social media strategy alongside a series of promotional videos. At the oral exam, I was rewarded with the grade 12 — the highest grade possible.